We believe that baptism is very important in the life of the believer. As we enter this journey with Jesus through faith and obedience in and to Jesus, 

it is of first importance to identify with Him, and that is the purpose of baptism. 

At Cascade Park Baptist Church, we observe this sacrament through immersion. We believe that is how Jesus was baptized and the Greek word "Baptizo", means "to dip". Who should be baptized? Anyone who believes in and follows Jesus Christ.

Becoming a member

We believe it is in Christ that we have our belonging, not only belonging to Him, but to each other. In truth, when we belong to Jesus, we also belong to what belongs to Him. Church membership is important to we who belong to each other in Christ for these main reasons:

Home Church: Membership speaks to Commitment.

Doctrinal Consistency: Membership speaks to Agreement.

Unity: Membership speaks to Oneness.