Who we are...

Cascade Park Baptist Church is part of the North American Baptist Conference of over 400 churches with more than 74,000 worshipers in the United Stated and Canada.  Founded by an immigrant missionary, North American Baptist are a diverse group of believers representing many cultures and languages. 

Established in 1981 Cascade Park Baptist Church is and has been a family of Jesus followers with the purpose and mission of being disciples who make disciples. We move in ministry together around five key ministry focuses, Worship, Discipleship, Community, Service and Mission. We live these five focuses together to grow one another and all who are a part of us to the higher calling of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, emulating His humanity and living in His divinity.

We are structured in the Biblical model of a congregational priesthood, overseen by Elders and ministered to by Deacons. We have a pastoral staff as well as supportive administrative staff that help us to achieve effectiveness in ministry life together.

We are a loving family of people with a wide variety of backgrounds, nationalities, gifts and passions. We have growing children’s and youth ministries with full time pastoral over site. We have men’s and women’s groups, events and Bible studies, an adult choir, and many other opportunities for growth and connection through fellowship and much more.

We are a church invested in our surrounding community and neighborhood. We have built wonderful relationship with our local schools to help meet need of families on our community. We are engaged in the long-term support of vocational missionaries in many countries and efforts around the globe as well as invested in ongoing short-term mission work in Guatemala and India.

We are a Bible preaching, Bible believing church and are dedicated to the proclamations of God’s Word in the beauty and context that it has been given to us.

We are a welcoming people and would love a chance to get to know you. Blessings.

Our History

As we look back to earlier days, we peer through a series of events, both good and difficult, to when this church began. Meeting at Wy’East Middle School and calling its first formal Pastor, growing and beginning to spawn new believers, new ministries, new visions, new missionaries and ministers. It also was a time for new property and building, now known as Cascade Park Baptist Church and the campus we still reside on.

Established in 1982 and building our current structures in 1985-1986, our first 30 plus years as a church have seen incredible growth and vitality as well as times of pruning. The church has been instrumental in lives being changed, marriages being established and encouraged, missionaries and ministers being identified and equipped and disciples of Jesus Christ being made. Although not without its trials and hardships, it has been a beautiful time of life together. Through it all, we are aware that what God had begun in us, He has been continuing in us for His good will and purpose.