Adult Sunday School classes start at 9:30am


The Names of God

“I am the Lord, that is my name; my glory I share with no other.”  Psalm 42:8

There is power, authority, grace and healing in the name of God, and so much more. We are learning the various and many names that Yahweh is known by in the scriptures and how they reveal to us who He is and how these impact and comfort us, move and change us. Our Healer, Provider, Mighty One, and that’s just the beginning. Join us as we learn of who God is according to His Word.

Main Bldg, Room 112          Teacher:  James Castruccio



There is nothing quite like the life and words of Jesus to challenge any willing heart. He is the example, the Savior and the Teacher we all need. The Impact class is digging into the book of Luke to learn about and rediscover the marvelous and wonderful Savior we worship. It will rock your socks and tremble your hearts. Come join us!

CE Bldg, Room 201/203          Teacher:  Al DeJong


For the next few weeks we will be focusing on "Unity in the Church". What is our basis for Unity as the Body of Christ and how is it to be lived and exercised in our lives together. We will be searching God's wonderful Word for a deeper understanding of this life and journey together.



Woman to Woman

Using LifeGuide Bible Study, “Following Jesus” by Douglas Connelly

The adventure continues! Using Scripture references selected by the author, we wish to revitalize our walk with Christ, at whatever stage we are in our spiritual journey. The challenge of following Jesus never ends.

CE Bldg, Room 202          Teacher:  Various