Adult sunday school classes start at 9:30am


The Names of jesus

If we want to be like jesus - if we want our lives to reflect His character - we need to know more about what He was like. In the Scriptures, someone's name had great significance. A name wasn't simply how you identified someone. It was intended to reflect that person's character - to tell a story about that person. that's why the names given to jesus were so significant. they tell us his story and give us a picture of what he was like. each name of jesus recorded in scripture is a window through which we see him more clearly. seeing him more clearly leads to knowing him better. and knowing him better is critical in order to reflect his character to the world around us. 

Main Bldg, Room 112          Teacher:  James Castruccio



There is nothing quite like the life and words of Jesus to challenge any willing heart. He is the example, the Savior and the Teacher we all need. The Impact class is digging into the book of Luke to learn about and rediscover the marvelous and wonderful Savior we worship. It will rock your socks and tremble your hearts. Come join us!

CE Bldg, Room 201/203          Teacher:  Al DeJong


Love, Light and life - the gospel of john

for the next several weeks we will be looking into the Gospel of Jesus the Christ according to the Apostle John. John has a unique take and deliverance of the account of Jesus' life. Even how he inserts himself and the way Jesus viewed him is revealing to who Jesus is. The more we learn of who Jesus is according to scripture, the better our journey with Him. 



Woman to Woman

Using LifeGuide Bible Study, “the cross" by john stott

using scripture references selected by the author, we wish to enter into Easter focused on the transforming power of the cross and what christ accomplished there on our behalf.

CE Bldg, Room 202          Teacher:  Various